Risk is any uncertainty surrounding company transactions that can create negative impact on the business performance. At first, risk is considered something to be avoided and the responsibility falls on the department or division that is directly exposed to the risk. This approach to risk leads to a partial solution and may actually burden the concerned department or  division in achieving the operational objectives. Failure to achieve the operational objectives can be minimized by the implementation of an efficient and effective  risk management.

Through the implementation of an effective risk management system, the potential losses due to the failure of the entity’s operations and investment can be anticipated earlier.  Reliable risk management system may increase personnel awareness of the risks, and improve the ability of each individual to find alternative solutions to the challenges faced by the company.


CRMP is a professional credential endorsed by Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi Manajemen Risiko and awarded to risk professionals of  non-banking institutions who have attended a structured preparatory training and passed successfully the certification exam.

The syllabuses of the training and certification exam are developed through  collaborative efforts of risk management experts from the academe and practitioners from various industries such as mining, trading, information technology, agriculture, manufacturing, energy, infrastructure, and non-banking financial institutions. As this risk management certification evolves, it will also cover public management  and eventually pursue an advanced level of risk management competency with particular specialization on pension fund, insurance, energy and other industries critical to the growth of the country.


This certification program is designed to have a  wide scope of coverage. CRMP courses are intergrated or made equivalent to Higher Institution’s curriculum and are endorsed by International Risk Management Certification Institutions.  CRMP Graduates are entitled to enroll in S2/Master Program in Corporate Risk Management at PPM School of Management, Jakarta and the University of Krida Wacana (UKRIDA) Jakarta, with a waiver program on some Risk Management subjects. So you can save not only time but  cost as well.


1. Following the Test Preparation Training AMROT Competence (4 training days)

2. Photocopy of the Finished Education Diploma Minimum D4 / S1

3. Certificate of Work with qualifications:

    a. Min 2 years in the Management Division Risk, or

    b. Min 3 years as Risk Officer / Risk Contact Person / Risk Consultant, or

    c. Min 4 years as an Auditor, or

    d. Min 5 years in the Compliance Division.

** If it does not meet between points a-d, then ANAMROT / CRMO certification is required

4. Photocopy of KTP (WNI) / Passport (WNA)

5. Passport photo size 3×4 with red background