Business Continuity Management Certified Professional (BCMCP) is a certified professional designation issued by LSPMR based on ISO 22301.  BCMCP is given to professionals who can demonstrate their competency through knowledge and experience in managing Business Continuity Management in their organization.


This is an intensive advanced Business Continuity Management (BCM) course, which include Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). Several exercises will be given to participants to help enhance their understanding of the theories. This workshop is primarily designed for professionals or practioners who have high degree of exposure to BCM. However, this workshop is also available for those who are new to BCM and intend to embark on BCM as a professional and ICT Professionals who have basic knowledge in disaster Recovery/DR planning.

The workshop curriculum will enable participants to acquire comprehensive and detailed understanding of the key important principles, elements, guidelines, design, implementation, and the maintenance of BCM Program to comply with ISO 22301 BCM Requirement Standard.

The course on Disaster Recovery Plan explains the technique and processes involved in developing an enterprise-wide Disaster Recovery Plan. The course explores common recovery strategies being practiced in the industry and looks at using new technologies such as clustering and virtualizations to support disaster recovery. The modules will refer to ISO 27301.

BCMCP holders are entitled to enroll in International Certified Disaster Recovery Plan (FCDRP), with waiver on some particular modules.

After the 4 day-workshop, participants should have acquired the skills and understanding to be able to drive complex BCM programs, BC Projects, DRP Programs and DR Projects for the entire organization.


  1. Softcopy of KTP (WNI) / Passport (WNA)
  2. Soft file of colored ID Picture 3×4 cm with red background
  3. Soft copy of D3 or S1/Bachelor certificate
  4. Soft copy of Certificate of Employment with a minimum of  3-year work experience for D3 graduates and 6-month work experience for S1/Bachelor graduates
  5. Soft copy of the Certificate of Attendance for successfully completing a 4-day BCMCP training program

Participants who successfully finish the 4 day-workshop, will be able to apply for a half day (1/2 day) BCMCP certification exam.


BCMCP is available for Professionals; Practitioners; Managers and Staff in Risk Management, Business Continuity Management, Information Technology, Human Resources, Security, Operation, Safety, Audit and Compliance


BCMCP Certification is awarded to a participant who has attended the workshop and passed the examination with a score of 75% out of 133 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ).