What is CRMA Certification Program ?Certified Risk Management Analyst (CRMA) is a comprehensive educational program aimed at broadening the students’ knowledge and technique in managing risk in organizations. This is an educational and training program on risk management competency based on international standard. CRMA Certification Program is targeted to undergraduate university students (Bachelor/S1).

Benefits of CRMA Certification

Students will become professional experts in Risk Management. When there are more students who are trained in risk management at the university level, this will lead to an increase in the quality of risk management practitioners. Students will become more aware about the existence of risks in their personal life and in school organizations preparing them for a more successful career when they graduate. This certification will equip students with techniques in measuring risks thereby increasing their skills in managing risk.

Who are the facilitators?

University professors/lecturers who have at least CRMO Certification from LSPMR

Three modules include:

Last semester students with a minimum grade of “B+” for the following subjects/courses:

Business Quantitative Methodology Risk Management Technique

Submit the following photocopied documents to the University Registrar:

  • Softcopy Citizen ID Card (KTP)
  • Softcopy Student ID (KTM)
  • Softcopy Transcript of Grades

Certification Examination :

  1. Business Quantitative 40 multiple choice questions 30 minutes
  2. Risk Management Technique 40 multiple choice questions 30 minutes
  3. Enterprise Risk Management 50 multiple choice questions 30 minutes

* Written examination is in Bahasa Indonesia

Three modules include:

  1. Business Quantitative Methods & Measurement of Probability/Impact
  2. Risk Management Technique and Mitigation
  3. Enterprise Risk Management (These modules are integrated in the university curriculum)

Partner Universities :

For registration in your university please contact:


Universitas Kristen Krida Wacana (UKRIDA) email address: fredella.colline@ukrida.ac.id

Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) email address: fti@uii.ac.id

Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen PPM (STM PPM) email address: progsmbreg.ppm@gmail.com