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Roundtable Discussion BPKP 2019

LSPMR, in cooperation with BPKP, held this year’s Roundtable Discussion with the theme “Menerapkan dan Mengembangkan Budaya Risiko Pada Organisasi”. The event was attended by BPKP officials and LSPMR alumni from BPKP, the Ministry of Finance, DKI Inspectorate, Government-owned Enterprises and some private insurance companies.

Mr. Ricardo A. Pardede, MH, Chairman of LSPMR, welcomed all the participants and the speech of BPKP Chairman, Dr. Ardan Adiperdana, was read by Mr. Dadang Kurnia, MBA, BPKP’s Prime Secretary.

The highlight of the event was the timely talk of Mr. Brata T. Hardjosubroto, MBA, “Budaya Risiko sebagai Titik Utama Pengawasan pada Institusi Pemerintah”. The presentation may be downloaded on this website.

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