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LSPMR signs MOU with UKI

Article February 28, 2020

LSPMR signs MOU with UKI

Mr. Ricardo A. Pardede, Chairman of LSP Manajemen Risiko and Dr. Bintang Simbolon, MSc, Director of the Graduate Program of Universitas Kristen Indonesia, signed a Memorandum of Understanding which will enable LSPMR AMROT/CRMP and ANAMROT/CRMO alumni to take UKI’s master’s program with fewer subjects based on the recognition given by UKI on LSPMR’s Risk Management modules which are made equivalent to some subjects in UKI’s MM Program.

In turn, students of the Master in Management (MM) Program at UKI may convert the subjects they have taken into LSPMR’s Risk Management modules which will enable them to receive LSPMR’s AMROT/CRMP or ANAMROT/CRMO.

Subjects at UKI’s MM Program made equivalent to LSPMR’s Risk Management modules will be taught by lecturers who have CRMP certification.

This cooperation will take effect starting 28 February 2020.



  1. Reply
    Supriyadi says

    Kenpa sya blum dapat sertifikat

    • Reply
      Admin Lspmr says

      Terima kasih telah berkunjung ke website kami Ibu/Bpk Supriyadi,
      Sehubungan itu dikarenakan sistem antrian dan sistem BNSP,
      Bpk/Ibu bisa menghubungi bagian sertifikasi
      dengan ibu Anna di nomor WA 0858 1109 2946

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