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Dr. Sugiharto, CRGP

The CRGP Certificate from LSPMR was needed for my Fit-and-Proper Test as a Commissioner of PT. Wahana Artha Life Insurance and I was thankful to have gone through it.

As a Commissioner of a non-banking institution, I have realized how important it is for the ones setting and guiding the direction of the company to have a good understanding of the integrated risk management process and effective corporate governance in the operations or functioning of an organization. Commissioners and Directors in the top management also need the training and certification so that it is easier to communicate with the staff and managers who were trained and certified in Risk Management.

Further, as one of the alumni of the LSPMR, I also had a chance to be one of the speakers during LSPMR’s National Conference held in Semarang in November 2019 to share my expertise in running a world-class company and serving as the former Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN).

Dr. Sugiharto, CRGP
PT. Wahana Artha Life Insurance
CRGP Batch 51

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